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PFHA Virtual Shows

A new way to compete with your Paso from home.

Members from all over the world!

Enter into your preferred classes, which will change each show, film your performance based on the outlined criteria, submit your video, and our judges will take it from there.

This is a great way to learn with your Paso and experiment with a variety of classes to see where you and your horse fit best. This program is open to all levels of horse and rider, from first ride beginner to a seasoned veteran. Everyone should feel at home here. We have put a focus on education in this program, so you can opt to have a judge review your performance for an additional fee. We will also be offering some continuing education, so you can keep your Pasos in top form.

You may invite friends to participate at the non-member rate. Maybe they will love it so much they choose to join in the fun!

Pilot PFHA Virtual Show Schedule & How to Enter

The first three shows are a pilot program, so participants are encouraged to give feedback on the experience. Be sure to complete the survey after participating. We also know that the weather is challenging for members in the Northern climates to participate, so please know we plan to have more shows as the year progresses as long as we have participation.

On opening days, the new classes are posted, and the entry form is open. On closing days, the entry form will close at 5 PM EST. Your entry is both your exhibitor/horse entry information, class payment, as well as your videos, so keep that in mind as you plan your rides!

When you enter a PFHA Virtual Show:

  1. Pay $25 ($35 for Non-Members) dollars to enter each class and the optional $25 for a judge’s critique of your performance. Critiques include private, constructive, detailed feedback from a PFHA-approved judge, no matter how you place — a great learning tool!
  2. Don’t want to compete? You can now choose to have your video critiqued ONLY. If you enter for just a critique, you don’t need to be in show legal tack and attire and can try classes you might not normally enter.
  3. Every class features a jackpotted payout to top-placing exhibitors, depending on total entries in the class
  4. Invite your friends to participate – Non-Members are welcome to participate but at a higher entry fee.

To get started, take a look at our classes below. Download the pattern or video specifications, practice and videotape your go, then return here to submit your entry form and videos. After judging is complete, you can receive an email with detailed feedback on your performance if you so choose, and a check if you place in the payout!

Open: June 1; Close: June 15 at 5pm EST

Open: July 1; Close: July 19 at 5pm EST

Open: August 1; Close: August 17 at 5pm EST

Classes Virtual show             

Click here for Class Procedures
Click here for Audio Class Calls 
Click here for Class List with numbers

Click here for Trial Obstacles
Click here for Pattern V3

Pleasure Division:

Amateur Pleasure Mares and Fillies
Amateur Pleasure Geldings
Amateur Pleasure Stallions and Colts
Amateur-Trained Pleasure
Pleasure Youth—Junior
Pleasure Youth—Sub-junior
Pleasure—Novice Adult
Pleasure—Novice Youth
Pleasure—Veteran Horses ages 15-20
Pleasure—Veteran Horses ages 21 and over
Pleasure—Rescue Horses

Country Pleasure Division: 

Country Pleasure Mares and Fillies
Country Pleasure Stallions, Colts and Geldings

Performance Division:

Amateur Performance Mares and Fillies
Amateur Performance Geldings
Amateur Performance Stallions and Colts
Amateur-Trained Performance
Performance Youth—Junior
Performance Youth—Sub-junior
Performance—Novice Adult
Performance—Novice Youth





European Horsemanship                Pattern         

Open Gaited Walk-Corto:

Rescue Horses

Virtual Show Judges: TBD based on entry numbers



  • Read all applicable show rules and make sure you follow tack, attire, and procedure rules for each class so you are not disqualified on a technicality.
  • Capture a quality video from the horizontal format. Avoid bright spots (such as doorways or windows if filming inside, or facing directly into the sun if filming outside) that could make the video difficult to view by the judge. Try to stay about 40 feet away from the horse to view the full horse at all times. The frame may be zoomed in or out to best show the horse. The video should be taken from the center of the ring as per a judge’s perspective in a live show.
  • The video cannot be edited and must be continuous from start to finish.
  • Only one horse/rider combination can be presented in each video. Separate videos must be made for each class entered during a virtual show.
  • A sounding board will not be used during the PFHA Virtual Shows.
  • At the beginning of each video, a placard must be shown which must include the name of the horse, the name of the rider, the date, and the class which is being presented. PFHA will provide a template that may be used for this sign.
  • Review your video before submitting it to make sure all requirements have been met. You can make as many videos as you need to but only one video can be submitted per class per entry, and once you have submitted your video for a class, it cannot be substituted.




Country Pleasure




European Horsemanship

Open Gaited – Walk-Corto

Open Pleasure

PFHA Virtual Show Rules

  1. All classes are judged according to the current PFHA Rulebook
  2. Tack and attire must meet requirements outlined in the PFHA Rule Book; illegal equipment is grounds for disqualification. Neat and clean presentation takes precedence over “bling.”
  3. All classes are judged according to the current PFHA Rule Book unless otherwise stated. All equipment and attire must be legal, but silver and sequins will not count over a good working outfit. 
  4. Follow the class’ posted pattern/format and class filming guidelines; failure to do so is grounds for disqualification.
  5. Videos must show a continuous shot, and clips may not be edited together.
  6. Each video should only include one “entry” for a single class.
  7. Video entries must be taped during the posted show dates and submitted by the posted deadline. Failure to do so is grounds for disqualification.
  8. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google drive, or any video hosting site that allows for a publicly viewable link to be created. This is how the video will be submitted in your entry form.
  9. The judge’s decision is final.

Payout Schedule for Regular and Jackpot Classes 

Regular Class Payout

All regular class entry fees are jackpotted. $10 from each entry fee will go to the purse.

Example: 50 entries in a class= $500 purse.

50 & Over1220%16%13%11%8%7%6%5%4%4%3%3%
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