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Trail Horse Test Program

The Paso Fino Horse Association introduced the Trail Horse Test Program (THTP) which provides a way to demonstrate the horse’s ability to perform trail riding skills based upon a series of tests that gauges the horse’s natural ability and training against a standard of performance. This is not a competitive trail riding obstacle course, but a gauge of your horse’s abilities to complete the tasks normally preformed before, during and after a trail ride.


  • Highlight the pleasure of a trained and responsive trail horse.
  • Set non-competitive goals for the horse in an effort to improve both horse and rider.
  • Provide a structured method to judge a trail horse.
  • Recognize the harmony between horse and rider where there is good communication between them.
  • Record the Trail Horse Level Achieved in the horse’s PFHA registry. Just as PFHA records the show points, PFHA will record if your horse achieves a Junior Level, a Senior Level or the most prestigious Master Level award.
  • The registry entries will aid individuals who are researching Paso Fino horses/bloodlines that may be well suited to the trail.
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