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DNA Testing

PFHA Rule Book – Chapter 8, Section IV: G 1

The genetic information for stallions and mares should be on file with the Association before they are used for breeding.

Each applicant horse must be genetically tested in the method prescribed by the Association and qualify as an offspring of the reported sire and dam by written analysis from a laboratory approved by the Association...

All horses being registered with PFHA are required to be DNA tested for the purpose of parentage verification and obtaining genetic markers.

In order for parentage verification to be successfully completed through DNA testing, it is necessary that both the sire and dam of the applicant horse have DNA types on file. If the sire or dam has a stored blood sample only, PFHA will require a conversion of the sample into DNA for a fee. If the stored blood sample is not viable for conversion, a new DNA kit and sample will be required.

Upon receipt of a DNA kit order, PFHA will issue a hair sample kit to the horse owner in the preferred method (mail or email). The kit will contain a sheet of paper with instructions for the collection of the hair sample and a self-addressed envelope to the UC Davis laboratory.

DNA testing results are emailed directly to the PFHA Registrar. If there are any discrepancies with the parentage verification, the horse owner will be contacted. An additional fee may apply to DNA samples requiring multiple sires or dams to be tested in order to determine correct parentage.

Color Gene testing can be done using hair samples submitted for DNA testing. A fee will apply for each color test. A list of available tests is below:

  • Red Factor
  • Agouti
  • Lethal White Overo
  • Cream Dilution
  • Pearl Dilution
  • Silver Dilution
  • Sabino 1
  • Tobiano
  • Champagne
  • Gray
  • Dominant White
  • Splashed White
  • Dun Zygosity
  • Roan Zygosity
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