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Fabulous Futurity Program

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Futurity Program -English

Programa Fabulous Futurity de la PFHA

Program Overview


The Fabulous Futurity program was established by the PFHA in January 2007. The goal of this program is to provide breeders and owners of Paso Fino horses an opportunity to enhance the value of their stock. This futurity program is similar to very successful programs that are currently in existence in many horse breed organizations in which breeders and owners nominate their weanlings into this program and then pay a nominal yearly fee to maintain eligibility towards a goal of participating in the Three-Year-Old Fabulous Futurity show classes for a purse that is derived from the proceeds of the entries plus any sponsorship funds that may be obtained for the program. The purse will be divided within three divisions: Classic Fino, Performance, and Pleasure. These classes, to be held yearly during the PFHA Grand National Show, and the purse are open only to three year old Paso Finos that have been nominated into the Fabulous Futurity program, and have maintained their eligibility.

Participation in this program is simple for the owners and available to all Paso Fino horses for a total fee of $500 payable in 4 yearly installments starting with the initial nomination fee of a weanling for only $75. The total of the fees paid for each generation of horses is set up in escrow for that year’s program and it is to be fully used, less administrative costs, in the prize money for the classes. This purse will be supplemented by sponsorships, earned interest, and other added funds.

  1.  Any Paso Fino that is eligible for registration with the Paso Fino Horse Association is eligible to be nominated into the Fabulous Futurity program.   If not yet registered at the time that the original nomination is received, a foal must be nominated under its birth date, gender, and sire and dam names. There will be no refund of futurity monies already paid in the event that a registration is denied by the PFHA.
  2.  All owners nominating horses into the Fabulous Futurity program must be current PFHA members at the time that each payment made.
  3.  The nomination of a horse carries with it to a new owner.   It is the responsibility of the seller to notify the buyer of the horse’s current eligibility and of the payment due dates in order to maintain eligibility in the Fabulous Futurity program.
  4.  All nominated horses must be micro-chipped with the identification recorded with the PFHA by July 1 of the two-year-old year.   Microchips will be verified upon entry into the warm-up ring for the Fabulous Futurity classes. Any horse presented to the warm-up ring that does not match its microchip number will be disqualified.
  5.  Payment of fees to nominate and maintain eligibility in the Fabulous Futurity program and appropriate dates are listed below.
Fabulous Futurity Nomination & Payment ScheduleDeadline (postmarked)Fee
Weanling Nomination FeeDecember 31$75.00
Yearling PaymentDecember 31$100.00
Two-Year-Old PaymentAugust 1$125.00
Three-Year-Old PaymentMarch 1$200.00
Pre-Payment Option 1Dec 31 of Weanling Year$475.00
Pre-Payment Option 2Dec 31 of Yearling Year$550.00
Pre-Payment for those who receive free weanling nomination through the SSADec 31 of Yearling Year$400.00
  1.  There will be a grace period of 10 calendar days (by postmark) after payment due date.   If payments are missed, there will be a double fee of each payment missed that must be paid to recover eligibility. The absolute final deadline to catch up on missed payments is August 1 of the two-year-old year.   After that date, the horse will lose eligibility with no recourse.
  2.  Yearlings that were not nominated into the program as weanlings may be nominated prior to December 31 of their yearling year for double the weanling nomination fee ($150.00).   After this nomination fee is paid all remaining fees must be paid as described above to maintain eligibility.   Otherwise eligible horses that have not been nominated prior to their two-year-old year will have one last opportunity for nomination with the payment of a one-time fee of $900 made by August 1 of their two-year-old year. After this date, no new horse nominations will be accepted.   After this fee is paid, all remaining fees must be paid for the horse to maintain eligibility.  Other than as stipulated above, if any payments are missed for a specific horse, that horse will lose its eligibility for the Fabulous Futurity program and will be dropped from it.   All fees previously paid will be forfeited with no further obligation from the program to the owner(s).
  3.  Payments may be made by check, money order, cashier’s check, or credit card (those accepted by PFHA at time of payment).   All payments must be made payable to the PFHA and addressed to the care of the Fabulous Futurity Program.
  4.  No entry is liable for more than the amount paid in, but there will be no return of payments made for any reason. All nominations and entries are subject to the rules and policies of the PFHA and the Fabulous Futurity program.
  5.  Program eligible horses are the only ones eligible to participate in the Three-year-old Fabulous Futurity classes to be held yearly during the PFHA Grand National Show.   Three classes, open to three-year-old fillies, colts, and geldings, will be offered for this program one each for Classic Fino, Performance, and Pleasure.   All nominated horses that will be participating in the Fabulous Futurity classes must follow the class entry procedures for the Grand National Show and include a Fabulous Futurity declaration fee (as stated in the Prize List for that year).  Class rules will be followed as approved by the PFHA Board of Directors for the Fabulous Futurity classes.
  6.  The value of the prize fund of the Fabulous Futurity each year will be the total amount of money paid in fees, sponsorships, interest, and other added funds, less the administrative costs.   Distribution of funds will be by policy set by the PFHA Board of Directors.   10% of the prize money won by a horse will be paid back to the nominator of the horse.

Any procedure, policy, or question not covered in these rules will be referred to the Fabulous Futurity program, the PFHA, or the PFHA Board of Directors for resolution.

Futurity Forms

Fabulous Futurity Foal Nomination Form
Form to nominate foal into the PFHA Fabulous Futurity Program.
Printable / Form Fill

Microchip Order Form
Form to request a microchip to be used to identify the horse. (Microchips are required for horses entered into the Futurity and ID must be recorded with PFHA by July 1 of two-year-old year.)
Printable / Form Fill

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