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How Do I Register My Paso Fino Horse?

Section 1 – Complete Information on Horse to be Registered

Section 1 of the registration application provides us with some very important details regarding the horse being registered.  First, the Name Choices for your horse should be written in print with one letter per box in the appropriate space.  If the name contains a combination of capital and lowercase letters, they must be clearly designated to ensure our staff transcribes the name properly at the time of registration.  It is not uncommon for registration applications to be submitted with only one name choice; however, I would suggest calling our office to check the availability of a name before submitting the form or providing at least two name choices. Remember, the maximum number of characters, including spaces, is 25.

Next, the Foaling Date must be supplied.  Once a horse is registered with PFHA it becomes fairly difficult to correct a mistake on their date of birth; therefore, it is very important to provide an accurate foaling date on the application.

Then you need to select the Sex of the horse and list the State or Country Foaled.  These two portions of Section 1 are commonly overlooked, and not having this information will cause the registration to be pended.

If you have completed a DNA kit on the horse prior to submitting the registration application there is a place to note the test kit number; however, if you would like to request the DNA kit at the time of registration the Genetic Testing box beneath Section 1 must be marked.  If the box is not marked and you are paying with a credit card, it is assumed you have not given permission for your card to be charged for the DNA kit fee.  We also offer the option of having the DNA kit emailed to you which lowers the price to $55.00 per kit.  To request the emailed version, mark the appropriate Genetic Testing box, and provide your email address somewhere on the form.

As of January 2019, all registered horses are required to be microchipped and this is included in the current registration prices.  If your horse has already been microchipped. please provide the microchip number to PFHA and it will be printed on your horse’s registration certificate.  The microchip will arrive with the registration certificate once it has been completed.

Section 2 – Breeder’s Certificate

Section 2 on the registration form is the Breeder’s Certificate and requires the signatures of both the stallion owner at time of breeding and dam owner at time of breeding, as recorded in the PFHA database.  Even if the mating is reflected on the stallion’s breeding report, Section 2 must be signed by both parties. The Breeder’s Certificate is commonly filled out with incorrect signatures, so if you are unsure who owned the sire or dam at breeding or which agent can sign for a particular farm, please contact us and that information can be provided.

If you are ordering your genetic test kit via the registration application, the sire and dam information provided in Section 2 will be used to create the kit.  Therefore, it is important to list the horses’ correct registered names and numbers to avoid problems during DNA testing.

The portion of the Breeder’s Certificate that is most commonly forgotten or filled out incorrectly is the breeding date and method.  When working on this portion of the application, be sure to reflect the correct breeding method.  Oftentimes, mares being used for embryo transfers will have multiple foals registered for the same year and all will be reported by the owners as natural service breedings.  Things like this can cause major delays in the registration process of a horse because the situation will have to be researched and corrected prior to completion.  Also, don’t forget that all foals born as a result of embryo transfer after January 1, 2010 are required to have an embryo transfer permit submitted with the fee of $500.00.

Section 3 – Original Owner of Foal & Section 5 Transfer at Time of Registration

Section 3 requires the signature of the original owner of the foal being registered, and per the PFHA Rulebook, the original owner of a foal is considered the recorded owner of the dam when the foal was born; there are two scenarios that will dictate how these sections should be filled out.

Scenario 1: You are the current owner on record of a mare, and that mare has a foal.  When filling out the registration application for the foal, you will be required to fill out and sign your name in Section 3.  Nothing will be required in Section 5; it can be left blank.  As the dam owner at time of foaling, you are considered the original owner of the foal.

Scenario 2: You purchase a foal, but do not own the dam.  In order to register the foal and have it listed under your ownership, you must obtain the dam owner’s signature in both Section 3 and Section 5, print your name as buyer in Section 5, and submit additional money for the transfer fee.  Once the foal’s registration is complete, the dam owner at time of foaling will appear on the ownership history, but will not receive any type of documentation for the horse.  The original certificate and all correspondence for our office will go through you, the buyer listed in Section 5.

Many people who buy an unregistered foal assume they will be considered the original owner and sign their name in Section 3 of the registration application; however, this is not correct and will cause the paperwork to be pended.  I understand that many members hurry through the last couple sections of the application in an attempt to just get it finished, but this is when mistakes occur.  By referencing this article and reading the instructions carefully, you can tackle the confusion and register horses without risk of having the paperwork pended.

Section 4 – Description

Section 4 requires you to provide photos of your horse, as well as written and illustrated explanations of all markings.  Both aspects of the description section are equally important, and not completing all of the requirements will cause your registration to be pended.

Any photos being submitted with a horse registration must be in color, have a clear resolution, provide a view from all angles (front, back, and both sides including legs), and show any markings.  If your horse has something that is difficult to see from the normal angles, like a scar, dorsal stripe, or white coronet, sending an additional photo to show that characteristic will be very helpful.  Photos do not have to come as prints with your registration application; they can also be emailed to the PFHA office.  If you choose to email your horse’s photos, make sure the image is large enough to be viewed clearly.

Often, owners assume submitting good photos means they do not have to draw the markings or write a description on the registration application; this is not the case.  The information provided on the registration application is used to verify the markings our employees spot in the pictures.  Section 4 illustrations are also important when multiple registration applications and sets of photos are mailed together; we can make sure the correct pictures are matched with each horse.

Sample photos:

Section 6 – Effective Date of Transfer is Date of Postmark

All Certificates of Registration will be mailed to the current address on file for the first listed owner. If this person is not a current member, is a new member, or if his/her address has changed,print this information in section 6 of the application. If the certificate should be mailed to another owner or agent, please list their name in section 6.

Section 7 – Method of Payment

Section 7 is the area designated to provide credit card information or note that a check was sent for the applicable registration fees. Make sure to check all of the information thoroughly before mailing the paperwork to our office-invalid, declining, or expired credit cards will cause a delay in the processing of your request. This section also contains a box that can be selected to rush the registration and/or to have the paperwork sent via certified mail. Fees apply.
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