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Paso Western Pleasure

The horse will be judged on

1. Flat Walk. A true, evenly spaced, four (4) beat, flat-footed and smooth gait executed with mild collection. The horse's head carriage is natural and relaxed.

2. Paso Corto. A smooth, steady, unbroken, evenly spaced, four (4) beat lateral gait, rhythmic and executed with moderate extension and mild collection. Forward speed is ground covering, but unhurried. Movements should be fluid, willing, relaxed, balanced and free moving. The horse's head carriage is natural and relaxed.

3. Lope. A true, three (3) beat gait that is slow, cadenced, smooth and straight on both leads. Movements are less elevated than in the Canter and the horse's head is carried somewhat lower. The horse should be balanced and going with mild collection. Movements are free, relaxed and easy, and the horse should not show a tendency to increase speed or mix gaits.

In this class, the horse should move as in the image of a working cow horse while still retaining the air of pride and grace that is typical of the Paso Fino horse. In all gaits, the horse must be smooth and responsive and both horse and rider should appear comfortable and relaxed. The horse must work on a very light rein, but some contact should be maintained. Gait transitions should be taken on the first stride and the horse should maintain his speed and cadence without restraint by the rider. Failure to take the correct lead in the Lope shall be penalized.

This class shall be judged 35% on the Paso Corto, 30% on the Lope, 10% on the flat Walk and 25% on manners, attitude and way of going.

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