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Paso Versatility Class

The horse will be judged on the following:

a. Flat Walk. An evenly spaced, four (4) beat gait.

b. Paso Corto. An evenly spaced, four (4) beat lateral gait with moderate forward speed and extension. This gait is smooth, supple, and cadenced with the horse mildly collected, balanced and exhibiting symmetry in flexion and extension. The horse should demonstrate pride, style, elegance, and enthusiasm, along with good manners and ready response.

c. Paso Largo. An evenly spaced, four (4) beat lateral gait. This gait is smooth and balanced with rapid forward motion. Extension and flexion must be harmonious with no tendency to become “light” on the front or “strung out” behind. The horse should appear eager and willing to move out and a definite change of speed from the Paso Corto to the Paso Largo must be observed, yet a willingness to reduce speed on command must be demonstrated. All transitions between gaits should be performed evenly and smoothly. An even, four (4) beat cadence must be maintained, together with style. Loss of form, cadence, or smoothness due to excessive speed shall be penalized.

d. Canter. A true, three (3) beat gait, cadenced, straight on both leads, smooth and unhurried with no tendency to increase speed or to mix gaits. This gait is executed with collection. The horse’s movements are light and airy with natural elevation. The horse should exhibit style and presence, along with good manners and steadiness. In this class, the horse will be asked to demonstrate balance, flexibility, coordination and manners while performing the various gaits, tests and maneuvers. Manners and willingness are very important. The back must be controlled and smooth. Failure to properly execute the Paso Corto and Paso Largo, demonstrating an evenly spaced, four-beat lateral gait, will automatically disqualify the horse and it will not be asked to do the individual work out to execute a figure eight maneuver at a Paso Corto and taking the jump from a Canter. Failure to take the correct lead in the Canter shall be penalized. The figure eight is to be performed at the Paso Corto and should be smooth, consistent in gait and supple. A jump that is a minimum of eighteen (18) inches and a maximum of two (2) feet will be taken from the Canter. One (1) refusal to jump will cause a lowering of the horses standing within the competition. Two (2) refusals to take the jump will automatically disqualify the entry from the competition.
The class shall be judged 20% on the Paso Corto, 20% on the Paso Largo, 10% on the Flat Walk, 10% on the Canter and 40% on the back, jump, manners and figure eight.

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