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Paso Pleasure Division

The horse will be judged on the following:
1. Flat Walk. A true, evenly spaced, four (4) beat, flat-footed and smooth gait executed with mild collection. The horse's head carriage is natural and relaxed. 

2. Paso Corto. A smooth, steady, unbroken, evenly spaced, four-beat lateral gait, rhythmic, executed with moderate extension and mild collection. Forward speed is ground covering, but unhurried. Movements should be fluid, willing, relaxed, balanced, and free moving. The horse's head carriage is natural and relaxed.

3. Paso Largo. A smooth, evenly spaced, four (4) beat lateral gait, fluid and rapid, showing no tendency to labor or become "strung out." Collection is mild. Both extension and rapidness of cadence are increased over the Paso Corto and a definite change of speed must be observed. The evenly spaced, four (4) beat cadence must be maintained at all times and loss of cadence, form, or smoothness due to excessive speed shall be penalized, but extension and speed in gait shall be rewarded. This class is to demonstrate the more relaxed manner of movement of the Paso Fino horse. Collection is mild. For this reason, manners and obedience of the horse are particularly important, and any indication of bad manners shall be heavily penalized. The horse should be controlled with minimal restraint and the rider should appear to be enjoying himself. Gait transitions should be made in a smooth, relaxed, and willing manner, and the horse's attitude should be calm, pleasant and cooperative. A horse that fights the bit, flattens its ears, or swishes its tail shall be penalized. The horse will be required to flat Walk, Paso Corto, Paso Largo, line up and back. The back should be straight, calm, and controlled, and refusal to back excuses the horse from placement. Riders may not ride without stirrups.
This class shall be judged 20% on the Paso Corto, 20% on the Paso Largo, 20% on the flat Walk, 5% on the back and 25% on manners, conformation, attitude, and way of going and 10% on the sounding board when available.
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