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Country Pleasure

The horse will be judged on the following:
a. Flat Walk. A true, evenly spaced, four (4) beat, flatfooted and smooth gait executed with mild collection. The horse's head carriage is natural and relaxed.

b. Paso Corto. An evenly spaced, four (4) beat lateral gait with the horse going forward with free and moderately extended steps. The steps should be even and the whole movement balanced and unconstrained. A definite change of speed from the flat Walk must be observed. While maintaining light contact on the reins, the rider allows the horse to carry its head somewhat in front of the vertical while also allowing a slightly lower head and neck. The horse should demonstrate pride, style, and enthusiasm along with good manners and ready response.

c. Paso Largo. An evenly spaced, longer stridden, four (4) beat lateral gait with considerably more speed than the Corto, but a greater difference will be rewarded. The whole movement should be well balanced and the transition from Corto should be executed with fluidity. A definite change of speed from the Paso Corto must be observed. While maintaining light contact on the reins, without leaning or pulling on the reins, the rider allows the horse to lengthen his frame and to gain ground. Extreme speed, loss of form, cadence or smoothness shall be penalized.

The Country Pleasure horse should be a calm, mild mannered and safe-using pleasure horse maintaining balance, ease, and freedom of movement. It must demonstrate flawless manners. It must be absolutely agreeable to the commands and directions of the rider. It is imperative that the horse give the distinct appearance of being a pleasure to ride with emphasis on the flat Walk and smooth transitions. At all times, it must work on a very light rein without resistance and, although it should be athletic, it may be energetic and should combine style and spirit. At all times, it must demonstrate a quiet, calm, and extremely tractable attitude. It must stand quietly and back readily when requested. Horses indicating aggressiveness, overcollection or excessive animation shall be severely penalized. This class shall be judged 20% on the flat Walk, 20% on the Paso Corto, 20% on the Paso Largo, 10% on the back, 10% on appearance and way of going and 20% on manners. Special attention shall be afforded to form, smoothness, rhythmic constancy of the gaits and tractable attitude.
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