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Classic Fino Division

The horse will be judged on the following:

Classic Fino

The Classic Fino gait is an evenly spaced, four (4) beat lateral gait. This gait is smooth, animated, exciting, and executed with brilliance and style. The horse must be fully collected and balanced, putting its complete dynamic energy into its carriage and the quickness of its footfall. Flexion and extension should be harmonious in all four legs, and the horse must present a picture of symmetry and fluidness of motion. The horse must perform this highly collected form of the gait naturally and willingly, and any indication that the horse is being excessively restrained or held in gait shall be penalized. A horse that fights the bit, flattens its ears, or swishes its tail shall be penalized. Extension is absolutely minimal. The horse's forward speed is extremely slow, whereas the footfall is exceedingly rapid. Any tendency to mix gaits, the loss of even cadence, or lack of smoothness as evidenced by an up-and-down or side-to-side movement of the horse's croup, or of the rider, shall be penalized. All horses showing in this division must be shown shod. In this class, horses shall demonstrate the fully collected Classic Fino gait whenever they are being judged. This class shall be judged 65% on execution and naturalness of the Classic Fino gait, 15% on appearance, conformation, and way of going, 10% on manners and 10% on sounding board when available.
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