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Professional Paso Fino Trainer’s Association

History of the PPFTA

The Professional Paso Fino Trainer’s Association was formed in 1991 through the efforts of founding member Henrietta Ratliff. Because trainers play such an important role in all of the facets of the Paso Fino horse industry, Henrietta felt that they should join together to organize their own association. The main focus of this new organization would be to provide trainers a platform from which to share ideas and needs. It would also give the Paso Fino Horse Association a consensus from the trainers’ perspective, as well as offering trainers more influence at the national level.

Since the first informal meeting at the National Show in Asheville, NC in 1991, the PPFTA has become a viable organization claiming more than 60 members.

The PPFTA is now part of an official PFHA committee, known as the Professional Horsemen’s and Trainers’ Committee. Through this committee, we regularly report to the national officers and Board of Directors.

The PPFTA is Dedicated To:

Promote the Interests of the Paso Fino Trainer; Benefit PFHA Members and Paso Fino Owners; Offer a Centralized Clearing House for Those Seeking Qualified Trainers;

Purposes & Goals of the PPFTA

The purpose of the Professional Paso Fino Trainers Association is two-fold.

First, it is an organization dedicated to the benefit of its members. To better serve the interests of the professional trainers involved in the Paso Fino breed, to promote and defend their interests, needs, and opinions before the governing bodies of the Paso Fino Horse Association.

Secondly, it was developed for the benefit of the general PFHA membership, in order to offer Paso Fino owners, breeders and exhibitors a more centralized clearinghouse for seeking out qualified trainers for hire. While plans for such are not yet solidified, in the future we hope to develop a certification system for our professional trainers, which will be of further assistance in choosing a trainer uniquely qualified to fulfill your specific needs.

With input from the PFHA, we also hope to develop a set of training and exhibiting standards which will become a hallmark for the breed. This set of standards, and a formal Code of Ethics, will eventually define the expected parameters for both trainers and employers within the Paso Fino breed, leading to better relations and better understanding between trainers, their employers and their clients.

PPFTA Activities

The PPFTA offers one or two training clinics each year, as well as the mini-clinics held each year at the National Show. One of these major clinics is always geared toward Amateur Owners and Youth Riders, while the other clinic is reserved for professional trainers only. As the demand for these clinics grows, we plan to add more to this schedule each year.

For more information about the Professional Paso Fino Trainer’s Association as well as to view a list of current Professional Paso Fino Trainers, visit the PPFTA website,

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