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Form to record the sale of a horse where the horse transfer records have not been completely processed.

Record the lease of a horse has been cancelled.

Aviso de Cancelación de Arrendamiento

Record the lease of a horse.

Contrato de Arrendamiento

Form to request a microchip to be used to identify the horse.

Membership Application for buyers who purchased their first Paso Fino. Must be submitted with horse registration certificate and completed horse transfer section.

Form to record the ownership of a deceased member who left no will.

Declaración Jurada de Herencia

Form to record the foal to be registered was the result of embryo transfer.

The member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the PFHA from all claims arising from the member’s request to change ownership of a horse.

Grants signature authority to a person(s) on behalf of another.

Form to request a duplicate horse registration certificate and transfer of ownership.

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