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Harland’s Heart Horse

April 24, 2022


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Even after 34 years love springs eternal.

Harland Currie's love of horses started from childhood. When he was only 3 years old, his father brought a little white pony to their Wisconsin dairy farm, sparking an interest that would last a lifetime. In the 1980s, after many years of showing quarter horses, a serious back injury led to Harland's discovery of the Paso Fino and their smooth gait - He was instantly hooked. Two years later, Pover-T-Farm was created named for an inside joke that clearly these horses were going to bankrupt him! Harland had quickly established a small herd of 4 broodmares and a handsome gelding for showing. For the next several years, Harland and his small herd bred, showed, and grew to more than 22 horses! If you visited Pover-T-Farm today in Union Kentucky, you might not be able to tell that it was once home to national champions and numerous flashy foals. The farm sits atop a beautiful Kentucky hill with huge maple trees and miles of wood board fencing. Hills once filled with many horses now hold but a few. One thing unchanged by this passage of time is the love Harland has for his 4-legged “children.” Instead of babies and show horses, the farm is now home to Harland’s beloved, aging trail horses and some grateful kill pen rescues. A tribute to the essence of the Paso Fino breed, at first glance you may not realize that among Harland's horses are two 28-year-olds and a very special 34-year-old gelding, Dorado de Plebeyo del San. When Harland often leans against the stall to gently pet Dorado’s fuzzy face, a spark lights in both their cataract-filled eyes as he regales any eager listener with tales of trail riding mishaps and parade shenanigans. It has been a few years since the duo saddled up together, but you can still see that bond that only comes once in a lifetime and a spark of brio in both of their hearts.

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