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Paso Trail

The horse will be judged on the following:

a. Flat Walk. A true, evenly spaced, four (4) beat, flat-footed and smooth gait executed with mild collection. The horse's head carriage is natural and relaxed.

b. Paso Corto. A smooth, steady, unbroken, evenly spaced, four (4) beat lateral gait, rhythmic and executed with moderate extension and mild collection. Forward speed is ground covering, but unhurried. Movements should be fluid, willing, relaxed, balanced, and free moving. The horse's head carriage is natural and relaxed.

c. Paso Largo. A smooth, evenly spaced, four (4) beat lateral gait that is fluid and rapid, showing no tendency to labor or become "strung out." Collection is mild. Both extension and rapidness of cadence are increased over the Paso Corto and a definite change of speed must be observed. The evenly spaced, four (4) beat cadence must be maintained at all times and loss of cadence, form, or smoothness due to excessive speed shall be penalized.

Each horse shall be asked to negotiate through obstacles. This class shall be judged 100% on the obstacle course; there is no rail work. The course will specify how a horse is to negotiate or travel between obstacles that seem appropriate. This includes the distance from the beginning of an obstacle to the beginning of the next obstacle. Pertaining to the posted trail pattern, any horse not properly performing the gait required between the obstacles, or any horse that fails to follow the prescribed obstacle or follow the prescribed course of travel through the obstacle, should be penalized in the same manner as not completing the obstacle.

Horses are to be penalized for any unnecessary delay while approaching the obstacles. Entry will be evaluated on willingness, responsiveness, correctness and general attitude while negotiating through the obstacle course.

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