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Bellas Forma Division 

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Both conformation and gait shall be judged in this class. The Breed Standard shall be used as the standard for judging. Transmissible faults, such as buck-kneed, calf-kneed, base wide, base narrow, cow hocks, sickle hocks, toe-in, toe-out, offset knees, standing under, camped out in front, too straight behind, etc., shall be counted heavily against breeding stock. A horse with a swayback or fallen crest will be heavily penalized. A horse must be serviceably sound to be considered for placement. Any horse that fails to demonstrate the Paso Fino gait, so that the Judge can evaluate and ascribe gait percentages, shall be disqualified from placement. This class shall be judged 60% on conformation, 30% on quality and naturalness of gait and 10% on appearance, grooming and manners.
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