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Cow Park Lane Manorbier Newton Near Tenby Pembrokeshire SA70 8QA Wales. England
Cow Park Lane Manorbier Newton Near Tenby Pembrokeshire SA70 8QA Wales. England GB

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Welcome to Europe

Founded in 2000 by Paso Fino owners, breeders and aficionados dedicated to promote the Paso Fino in Europe, the PFAE (Paso Fino Association Europe) soon developed into the major Paso Fino association in Europe.

Although there are several other associations promoting a variety of gaited horses (e.g. Peruvian Pasos, Missouris Foxtrotters, American Saddlebred, Icelandics etc.) the PFAE currently is the most active and influential association for the Paso Fino horse in Europe with close to 300 members. The majority of the PFAE members are living in Germany, but there are two strong regional groups in Switzerland and the UK/ Ireland. Besides, there are also members in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and even Israel. In 2005 the PFAE has also been accepted as independent registry for Paso Finos by the PFHA. At the time being there are close to 1.000 horses in Europe registered with the PFAE.

Despite being a small association, the PFAE organizes and hosts at least two Paso Fino show each year. Every two years European Championships are held. All shows are based on the rules and regulations developed by the PFAE show committee in close adherence to the PFHA show and breeding rules. Despite all classes that are available at PFHA shows, the PFAE rules also include some unique European classes such as dressage, 3-gait (Paso Corto, walk and canter), 4-gait (Paso Corto, walk, trot and canter), Endurance class (Paso Corto for 10 minutes, selection of the best 8 horses that have to perform at Paso Corto for another 10 minutes), Natural Gaiters Class (horses have to perform Paso Corto as well as Paso Corto on lose reins). For those who enjoy their Paso Finos out on the trails we have initiated a Pasos for Pleasure program in line with the PFHA version.

Besides shows, PFAE breeders and members also promote the breed by participating in various equine fairs, exhibitions and open house events throughout the year.

Information is available to all members online via the PFAE homepage ( in German and English, featuring the latest news and events, offering advice and help, providing lists with horses for sale, stallion services and offspring, giving a directory of training facilities and breeding farms. In addition, members receive a monthly e-Mail newsletter and the unique BRIO magazine published twice a year, which is the only exclusive Paso Fino magazine in Europe.

The members of the Paso Fino Association Europe have chosen a magnificent breed: The Paso Fino.

Since it is our goal that the breed gets the attention and the place in the equine world that it truly deserves, we feel it necessary that the Paso Fino gets represented and promoted across Europe by an officially acknowledged association, dedicated to the Paso Fino – The PFAE.

Contact Information

Bowen, Yvonne #25890 (President and Delegate)
Cow Park
Cow Park Lane
Manorbier Newton
Near Tenby
SA70 8QA
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