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9635 Reinhardt College Parkway Waleska, GA 30183
9635 Reinhardt College Parkway Waleska, GA 30183

Reach: Georgia and eastern Alabama

In 1976, a small group of owners of a particularly quick and smooth little horse formed in the Atlanta area to share their experiences and common love for their breed. This close-knit group of owners and breeders caught the attention of their fellow equine enthusiasts (and even some who never dreamed of riding a horse), and as time passed, more people became exposed to the unique bond and irresistible nature of those little horses with the fast feet and ‘fine step’. Today, we are a rapidly growing yet ever true to our roots organization, driven by a common passion for the most exceptional and distinctive breed of horse in the world; we are the Georgia Paso Fino Horse Association.

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the coastal plains, our association serves to unite the owners, breeders, trainers, and raving fans of this magnificent horse, and their diverse interests. We celebrate the arrival of spring with an Open House & Clinic, bringing our members together to increase their knowledge and understanding of our horses and teaching us how to interact with them more effectively, via the instruction of the most experienced trainers and breed authorities in the country. The Clinic is the perfect setting to sharpen our riding skills and prepare for the upcoming competition season. And so follows in the summer, we proudly host the Four Beat Jubilee, our regional competition (voted Best Breed Competition 2009 by the United States Equestrian Federation) attended by top exhibitors and breed exemplars from around the Paso world. This is truly a spectacle to behold, in which our horses display their athleticism, talent, and heart in the show ring. Young and old, amateur owner and professional, seasoned show exhibitor and first timer, there is a class and call to compete for every Paso owner to demonstrate their skills, all in a friendly and encouraging environment combining the Latin American traditions of the breed with down-home southern hospitality.

Our events and gatherings are however, in no way restricted by the seasons. No sir…you can find us blazing the trails from New Year’s to Christmas. Our trail rides are scheduled throughout the year, with destinations throughout the state. Our breed could not be more perfectly adept for long endurance rides, and their gaits like silk allow the rider to enjoy hours on end of nature’s beauty from the comfort of the smoothest ride in the world. And of course: the parades. We enjoy every opportunity to share with the public our horses’ beauty, cadence and unique combination or heart and energy we Paso People call: ‘brio’. Local parades are a great way for us to connect with people who have never seen or heard of these ‘dancing’ horses, and we take every advantage to let them show their stuff!

As our association continues to grow as more people discover this incredible breed, we want to introduce you to the matchless experience it is to ride and perhaps even own a Paso. Their four-beat lateral gait is exclusive to this breed and is the key to their unequaled smoothness in the horse world. Our association is proud to offer many events throughout the year for you to meet the Paso for yourself, and we welcome you to contact any of the members of our association for more information about our breed and the activities we share with them. I am so honored to be a member of this encouraging and helpful Paso family, where our enthusiasm for our breed shines in all that we do. Come ride with us, and fall in love with the horse with the fine step and huge heart.

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